You can help women and men currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer

Drive hope ...

The Breast Cancer Awareness Specialty License Plate costs $35 over the regular license plate fee. Of that amount, $25 goes to the Breast Cancer Fund of Ohio.

OPLATES.com allows you to renew one or more vehicles and/or select and purchase specialty plates offered through the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles in minutes. You do not have to wait until your birthday to get the special plate. This option allows you to keep your existing personalized name and switch to a different plate type outside of your normal registration window. You will not be charged registration fees, rather only a new State License fee, new logo plate fee, service fee, and postage will be applied.

Note: Personalized license plates are charged $35 every year. None of the monies for personalization support the Breast Cancer Fund of Ohio.

Promote the Breast Cancer Awareness license plate

Whether you work in a car dealership or a doctor's office, you can help us promote the specialty license plate to all of Ohio. Include our public service announcements on your website and other materials. Print our flyers and include them in sales packets, contract folders, information files ... or just leave them on the counter where people will see them and pick them up. We also have posters and brochures. We also have posters and other materials. To order them, send an email to deb@bcfohio.org indicating how many you need and we will ship them to you.

Fundraise for the Breast Cancer Fund of Ohio

If your group likes to fundraise, the Breast Cancer Fund of Ohio is a great cause to promote! We will provide your group with literature and other goodies so that you can run a successful campaign. Contact us at deb@bcfohio.org  or 216-287-0355 and we will help you in your planning.

Give directly to the Breast Cancer Fund of Ohio's HIGHWAY OF HOPE

Want to do more than buy the Specialty License Plate? Make a donation for yourself or in memory or in honor of someone you know. The Breast Cancer Fund of Ohio is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt, non-profit organization. Your donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.


Guidestar approved! The Breast Cancer Fund of Ohio has earned the GuideStar Exchange Seal, the leading symbol of  accountability in the nonprofit world. Guidestar serves to legitimize nonprofits and is a valuable source of information to potential donors and grantors. If you are thinking about donating to us and we are incredibly grateful rest assured we value responsibility, transparency, and accountability with the funds we are entrusted with.



The Hope Bank makes a makes a great fundraising tool  so that you can help women and men while they are undergoing treatment for breast cancer.
click on the bank for more info

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