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Your tax-deductible donations to the
Breast Cancer Fund of Ohio HIGHWAY OF HOPE

provide critical support services to women and men who are coping with the day-to-day challenges of living while being treated for breast cancer.

The Breast Cancer Fund of Ohio adheres to the ten principles of the Association of Fundraising Professionals Donor Bill of Rights.

100% of your donation is tax-deductible. Click here for our W9.


Guidestar approved! The Breast Cancer Fund of Ohio has earned the GuideStar Exchange Seal, the leading symbol of accountability in the nonprofit world. Guidestar serves to legitimize nonprofits and is a source of information to potential donors and grantors. If you are thinking about donating to us – and we are incredibly grateful – rest assured we value responsibility, transparency, and accountability with the funds we are entrusted with.




Breast Cancer Awareness License Plate Drivers
More than $780,000 since 2008


Fundraiser: Dive Hope, Aqua Lung Dealers of Ohio

Aqua Amigos Scuba Club
Aqua Lung Dealers of Ohio
Maureen Capretta
Carl’s Extreme Contracting
Christopher Chapman
Christopher Curtis
Deep Blue Adventures
Vivan Duff
Barbara Eller
Carol L. Hall
Cynthia M Horenstein
Terri Huber
Diane & James Jackson
Ellen Keller
William Kiss
Brad & Cynthia Knapp
Kelly Knapp
Allen & Margaret Krall
Dennis LaRue
Sandra & Gary McClave
Meghan & James McMillin
Margaret & Lewis Meriam
Miller Group Sales & Marketing, Inc.
Lynn Mottice
Barbara Novak
Charles Nutt
Brian & Amy Parent
Brian Paules
Margery Pickens
Bryan Siddens
Silent Diving LLC
Steven & Mary Smolinski
T A Dive Club
Thomas Wiegand


Medical Mutual of Ohio


Chrome Divas of Columbus Ohio
Fresh Thyme Farmers Market
Mentor Public Schools
Michael D. Wardick

Fundraiser: Let’s Get Wiggy

Bryan Albright
Rosalie Bernard
Shannon Crone
Brenda Doyle
David Dygert
Carolyn S Fournier
Erin Hays
Instructional Design Innovations
Brenda Miller
Nancy Myers
Ronda Sprague
Melanie Streng
Steve Streng
Dave Turckes
Evangeline Walls


Fundraiser: Medical Mutual

Jolene Anich
Carmen M. Berlin
Donna J Blasko
Rachelle E Cobb
Michelle Davlik
A. M. Finney
Jennifer Finney
Shari Lyn Frazier
Cheri Higgins
Mary A Jackson
Kimberly S Jones
John M Kennedy Jr.
Katherine L Klusti
So L. Lang
Dorothy Lewis
Paula McCain Sesek
Lanita Murray
Tonya N Nolan-Calco
Theresa A Oswald
Josette Simpson
Anthony J Slak
Christine Taylor
Michelle L Tedrick
Mary L Tulenko
Sarah R Uschold
Hennie M VanThoor-Haney
Vickie Ward
Joan Weir
Alfie A Williams


Fundraiser: Sweet Adelines

City of Flags Chorus
Dogwood Blossoms Chapter
Patricia K. Eckert
Flagship City Chorus
Susan Graber
Greater Harmony Chapter
Indi Anna Chapter
Little River Chapter
Maple Mountain-Sweet Adelines
Pride of Toledo - Sweet Adelines
Region 17 Sweet Adelines
Renaissance Rhythm - Sweet Adelines
River Raisin Chorus
Sounds of Pittsburgh - Sweet Adelines
Voices in Harmony

Colleen Barry
Cynthia K Casciato
Elm and Iron LLC
Nurtur SalonSpa Columbus
Marshall Ruchman

Derrick Clay
Andy Greenberger
Lisa Martinez
John Nichols

The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Brentwood Health Care Ctr.
Bunny’s Treasures
Incarnate Word Academy Student Council
F. John Kaspar
Sandra Kemerer
David H Madison
Christopher Quickert
Sharon S. Roche
The Scap
Robyn Winegardner

Gwendolyn Connally Memorial Fund

Amy Rock
Deborah Ferenc
Jacq Connect
Marshall Ruchman


Mary Lee Phister Memorial Fund

Elizabeth Ganocy
Anup Gupta
Ruth A. Pistner
Pat Sparks

Clarence W Adams
Von Zeus Alvarado
AmazonSmile Foundation
Darlene M Chalmers
Janet B Cherne
M Colette Cummings
Debra Dorn
Dwellings on Madison
Lisa Gallagher
Deborah J. Hawkins
Pamela Joan Kiltau
W. Todd Kiick
Lucky’s Market
George Matthew
Lee S McCauley
SeVon McNeil
Kay S Melching
Merrill Lynch Employees
Susan E. Mion
Robin M Nakon
Brandon Pace
Pangaea International, Ltd.
Anita K Norman Pod
R. Ruskin
Matt Studer
Taste Hospitality Group
Mary Ann Taylor
United Way of Greater Cleveland/211











































































































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